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Are you looking for the solution that avoids amputations, losing your vision, uraemia and other complications of diabetes? GreenPath Diabetes Centre offers the answer, where over one thousand patients have experienced the healing benefits of unique Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment that will make them no longer depend on insulin or other chemical-based diabetic medications, leaving them completely free of diabetes without any side-effects.

As the demand has increased from our patients to bring relief to diabetes patients through our unique TCM diabetes solution, we are opening a new location at 4701 Highway 7 (East of Kennedy) to help serve our patients better.

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Markham Location:
4701 Highway 7 (East of Kennedy)
Markham, ON L3R 1M7
Phone: 905 – 752 1980
Fax: 905 – 752 1981

North York Location:
230 Finch Ave. East (west of Bayview)
North York, ON, M2N 4S2
Phone: 416 - 250 7838
Fax: 416 - 250 1689

Markham Location:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
10:00AM to 7:00PM

North York Location:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday,
Saturday & Sunday
10:00AM to 7:00PM

Toronto Chines Medicine to aid in the overall rejuvenation of your healthProfessor Cecilia Zhang is a trained Chinese Traditional Medicine doctor from China. She graduated from Jilin University in China with a Master’s degree in Chemistry and attained a Ph. D. in Medical Mathematics Statistics from Moscow University. Her 35 years of experience in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine included the completion of residency and a private practice in China, later followed by her work in the USA, Russia and Canada. Dr. Zhang is known for her broad knowledge and deep insight of traditional medicine. During her years of residency and private practice in China, she focused on finding and merging the common ground between traditional herbal medicine and the more contemporary Western-style pharmaceuticals. Her studies in Clinical Statistics and Organic Chemistry helped her to understand Chinese Traditional Medicine within the definitions of Western- style pharmaceuticals. Professor Zhang has successfully interpreted the scientific methods that western medicine emphasizes, combining this approach with her knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine.

Professor Zhang has spent well over two thirds of her professional life developing herbal medicines and treatments. After years of research, and countless clinical trials, Professor Zhang has developed a series of highly effective herbal treatments that will free diabetic patients of their illness. She is also able to successfully treat numerous other ailments such as Cholesterol, Hepatitis, Psoriasis, and Hyperplasia of Prostate Gland. Professor Zhang has been able to help thousands of patients from all over the world who have been willing to come to her Toronto based clinic to seek her treatment. Her enthusiasm to help people motivates her to educate and heal her patients so that they can return to a healthier and happier lifestyle, return to work and, most importantly, maintain their well being on their own.

Cover Story (China Fortune)

Paper Collection (Third International Congress of Traditional Medicine 2006 Toronto)

Toronto Chinese medicine is an alternate answer to your ailments that traditional medication that is typically prescribed to you by your doctor may not assist with. With the traditional medications leading to lack of production, and having your body become immune to these types of medications, Toronto Chinese medicine understands that people will be interested to try medication that is not detrimental to the person’s liver and will naturally cure them of things that will cause a person mental and physical harm.

Some of the main ailments that are things that people need assistance controlling include diabetes in Toronto and ones blood-sugar count. Our programs and all-natural remedies will help in not only controlling the levels that can cause long term health issues, however, our doctors in Toronto can help you with a program that will get you on your way to living a healthy and happier lifestyle, one that will not have any adverse effects to your well being. Although this is a controllable disease, diabetes can be a long-term fatal ailment, one that should be treated through proper dieting and a good balanced lifestyle.

As a naturopath in Toronto to provide you with natural alternatives for remedies, Toronto Chinese Medicine has naturopathic doctors in Toronto able to prescribe you with the right type of naturopathic medicine in Toronto for your needs. If you are looking for acupuncture in Toronto, there are many choices to find acupuncture Toronto, however the one centre that has the most experience and can back it up with great services to assist your ailments, is Toronto Chinese Medicine. toronto


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